April 2018

i am marvel trash


  • Borky and Steve stuff from before and/or during WWII

  • Nat and Clint undercover missions pre-Avengers

  • Maria Hill having fun sometime/somehow

  • Anything with Kamala

  • Barney Barton visits Clint

  • Bobbi meets Stephen and Clint stumbles over himself trying to not be awkward about it and about the fact that he accidentally hasn't talked to Bobbi in like two or three months?

  • Young Avengers shit

  • The Rogers-Barnes Finally Get A Dog

  • More reasons for Tony to send ridiculous gift baskets

  • Tony assigns Peter ridiculous tasks for Stark Internship stuff


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Jul. 1st, 2020

Clint Barton - Human Disaster

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Aug. 17th, 2017

Clint/Nat {Narrative} - Beginnings and Constants

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Jul. 30th, 2017

okay... this looks bad {A Clint Barton Mix}

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Jul. 26th, 2017

{Clint/Tony} to quote Drax, "finger to the throat means death!"

"So." Tony wakes to the feeling of a letter opener pressed to his temple and Clint Barton attached to it, speaking in a tone that is as cheerful as it is threatening. It's very unnerving, first thing in the morning. "Had a good night, have you?"

Tony needs a lot more information before he can answer that question. Because, yeah, he had. And the last thing he remembers is... "Okay. I know I have a tendency to drink a little too much. But... you're not who I went to bed with last night."

"Nope." Clint agrees, pulling the letter opener away so he can click on the light. "I'm the other Hawkeye. Sit up. Let's chat."

Tony has no idea what that even means, but he isn't going to argue. Not while Clint is twirling that letter opener in such a menacing manner. What the fuck?

"Um, not sure what's going on here," he admits as he obediently sits up, leaning back against the headboard. "But I have a rule about death threats before breakfast: No death threats before breakfast."

Clint doesn't say anything, just continues to eye Tony like he's trying to figure out the best method for dismembering him.

"After lunch would be preferable, actually."


"But if it's going to happen before breakfast," Tony says, because it clearly is, "I at least prefer to know what I did to deserve it."

That gets a reaction. "Oh," Clint says, pointing the letter opener at him and getting to his feet, "you know what you did. You know what you did, Stark." He repeats as he backs away, towards the door. "And if you do it again, well..." Tony *jumps*, as the letter opener hits the headboard with a sharp thunk, maybe an inch from his head. "I won't miss, then."

Tony stares at the object now embedded in the study wooden headboard long after Clint is gone, waiting for his heart rate to even out again. "Friday," he says eventually, scrubbing a hand over his face, "what the hell was that?"

"I believe Mr. Barton was speaking in reference to Ms. Bishop, sir."


"Katherine 'Kate' Bishop," the disembodied voice of his AI clarifies, "also known as Hawkeye. Mr. Barton inquired about her whereabouts and became agitated when I informed him that she was in your quarters."

The kid? What was the kid doing in his....

Oh no. Tony thinks back, to the night before. Takes a mental picture of the young woman he'd shared the evening with, and adds 100% more purple to her outfit.

Tony pales and slides back down into his pillows, covering his face with the sheet. "Oh, Friday," he says, torn between remorse and humiliation, "I did a bad thing."

Friday doesn't respond, but Tony's pretty sure she agrees.